Practice for Osteopathy
Marcel Leibbrand

About Marcel

Marcel Leibbrand, D.O.-MRO, has been a fulltime osteopath since 2000. He previously worked as a physiotherapist in both the Netherlands and Germany. It was during this time that Marcel felt the need to deepen his knowledge in order to better treat his patients. What was causing the symptoms that his patients were experiencing?

In search of an answer to this question, Marcel found osteopathy: a practice with a vision to address the cause of symptoms with a holistic (whole-body) approach to the human body. He decided in 1994 to study this field at the International Academy of Osteopathy. He successfully passed the exam in 2000 in Ghent. Each year, Marcel follows advanced courses (nationally and internationally) to further train his skills and learn about the latest developments and treatment strategies in osteopathy. He describes himself as a versatile practitioner.

According to Marcel, the most important part of his work is making an accurate diagnosis. Only in this way is he able to determine the best plan for treatment completely suited for each patient.

marcel leibbrand