Practice for Osteopathy
Marcel Leibbrand


The osteopath is broadly educated and has an extensive knowledge of the human body. As a result, osteopathy is able to offer treatment for symptoms experienced throughout the body. Treatment is focused on the correction of restrictions in movement along various chains in the body. The potential causes of the problem(s) experienced are examined, making it possible to address multiple symptoms at once. Osteopathy is suitable for both young and old. The osteopath adjusts the treatment according to age and physical condition of each patient. For babies and young children, the osteopath will only apply gentle techniques.

Osteopathy can be applied for a wide range of ailments and symptoms.

Below is a short list of ailments indicated for osteopathic treatment:


Back and neck pain

Referred pain / RSI

Headache / migraine

Joint pains

Pelvic instability

Sports injuries

Stomach and intestinal problems

Palpitations / hyperventilation

Asthma attacks


Menstruation discomfort

Symptoms during pregnancy

Fatigue / burnout

Recurring bladder infections

Dizziness / balance problems

Infants and children:

Cry baby

KISS syndrome

Restlessness/ sleeping problems

Head tilting / irregular skull




Behavioural and learning disorders

Motoric development disorder

Head and neck pain

Back and abdominal discomfort

Growing pains


Respiratory problems

Throat, nose and ear problems

If your ailment is not listed here, please contact him via telephone or email. Marcel Leibbrand will contact you to advise if osteopathy can be helpful.