Practice for Osteopathy
Marcel Leibbrand

Practice for Osteopathy Marcel Leibbrand

On this website you learn more about osteopathy and what to expect from treatment

Osteopathy is a responsible and comprehensive treatment method, rooted in the study of classical medicine. Health problems are addressed by looking for the cause of the pain or discomfort. A problem that manifests itself in a certain painful area in the body, for example back pain or loss of motion, may in fact stem from another place, such as the colon.

The cause is often (but not always) located somewhere else in the body than where the problem is felt. The osteopath is trained to restore mobility to joints and organs one by one, so that the body can return to functioning freely and without pain.

Viewing the body in terms of its various chains of movement and understanding the interrelationship between them lies at the foundation of osteopathy.

As certified osteopath (D.O. MRO), Marcel Leibbrand began his independent practice in Wassenaar in January 2003.

Adults, children and babies, as well as (top) athletes are welcome in this practice for all conventional osteopathic treatments.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Practice for Osteopathy Marcel Leibbrand in Wassenaar.